Sunday, September 25, 2022

11 months after the Coup ...

Today marks the eleventh month of the military coup of the allies of the previous regime of Omer Bashir, the Sudanese dictator.

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Violence continues in more brutal ways against peaceful protests that took over the whole country of Sudan. In addition to secret places to detain and torture activists, torture becomes common and in public on the streets and in front of international media cameras  ...

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 "Protests have continued weekly since an Oct. 25 military takeover that halted a transition to democracy and plunged the country into turmoil." According to Reuters

Sunday, February 06, 2022

We will chase you to end of earth!


In a landmark case, a German court convicts an ex-Syrian officer of torture

KOBLENZ, Germany — The world's first criminal trial over torture in Syria's prisons ended Thursday with a guilty verdict and life sentence for a former Syrian intelligence officer.

The ruling came in a German case against Anwar Raslan, who was accused of more than 30 counts of murder, 4,000 counts of torture and charges of sexual assault from when he oversaw a notorious prison in Damascus in 2011 and 2012.

The landmark trial marked the first time a high-ranking former Syrian official has faced Syrians in open court in a war crimes case.

Raslan, a 58-year-old former colonel, was stoic as the five judges strode into a silent courtroom. The judges remained standing to deliver the verdict and sentence. They then read out the names of Syrian torture survivors who were in the courtroom.

Witnesses and the lawyers who worked on their behalf deemed it a rare success in prosecuting a war crimes case in which the crimes were committed under a government that remains in power — the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

"This is the first step in a very long way to achieve justice," says Wassim Mukdad, a Syrian torture survivor and co-plaintiff who now lives in Germany. "To experience the verdict against a former colonel in the intelligence forces, it's history being written in front of our eyes."


Saturday, October 30, 2021

Revolution Update .... الجبهة السودانية ضد الانقلاب

 This is an important Situation Report on the ongoing peaceful revolution in Sudan started by this blogger the second day of the military coup ... It's posted in Arabic and English 

الجبهة   السودانية   ضد   الانقلاب   هي   تحالف   مفتوح   يضم   سياسيين   ديمقراطيين   وناشطين   على   مستوى   القواعد   في   لجان   المقاومة   والنقابات المهنية   واعلاميين   وأعضاء   في   المجتمع   المدني   الذين   يهدفون   معًا   إلى   مقاومة   انقلاب  25  أكتوبر  2021  في   السودان ). 


Sudanese Front Against the Coup


26 October 2021


‏(The Sudanese Front Against the Coup is an open alliance of democratic politicians, grassroots activists in resistance committees and professional unions, media professionals and members of civil society who together aims to combat the 25 October 2021 coup in Sudan.)

وعادت بيوت الأشباح ....! Torture is Back



وعادت بيوت الأشباح وزبانيتها للعمل من جديد … التحرش والضرب بالهراوات لاحدي الشابات في الشارع هذا الصباح في الخرطوم بعد النجاح المؤقت لانقلاب الكيزان …
لا عودة للوراء .. ثورتنا السلمية مستمرة
The military coup of General Burahn on Oct 25 in Sudan brought back the former regime's torture in full gear and the torture of peaceful demonstrators continue to be in public and in the Ghost Houses that were documented to be over 85 centers in the capitol city Khartoum.


Saturday, April 17, 2021

We will follow them to the end of the world No photo description available. 

Torturers: Ibrahim Elsanousi & Nafie Ali Nafie

تبرير التعذيب والاغتصاب: للذكرى والتاريخ
 هذه اقوال احد قيادات الانقاذ من الإســلاميين :
ان كان في التعذيب صوابا فان الله يجزينا عليه ثوابا !!!
انني لست من المنكرين انني واحد من قيادات الانقاذ وكل الذي حدث من انتهاكات حقوق الانسان كان (باجتهادات)وكنا نرى فيه (مصلحة) للاسلام والسودان !! حين اقدمنا على استلام الحكم وان كان فيه خطأ فليغفر الله سبحانه وتعال وان كان فيه صواب فأن الله يجزينا عليه ثوابا وهذا شيء طبيعي . 

ابراهيم السنوسي 

 Source: صحيفة الصحافة 2000/9/9
A quote of a leader of the Muslim Brothers religious party in Sudan, making justification of government-led torture program against peaceful detainees:
"If the torture we committed was right, then Allah will reward us for what we did. If it's wrong, Allah will forgive us because we did it for the benefit of Islam and Sudan. This is a normal/natural thing"
Source: Sahafa daily newspaper (Sudan) 9/9/2000


Thursday, November 12, 2020

Sudan: discovery of mass grave could be linked to deadly sit-in إكتشاف مقبرة فض الإعتصام

 إكتشاف مقبرة فض الإعتصام

Sudan: discovery of mass grave could be linked to deadly sit-in 

A Sudanese protester walks past burning tyres as military forces tried to disperse a sit-in outside Khartoum's army headquarters on June 3, 2019. AFP
The bodies of at least 25 men were found on the opposite side of the White Nile to where a protest was violently broken up by security forces

Authorities have uncovered a mass grave close to where demonstrators were violently dispersed outside Khartoum’s army headquarters in 2019, Sudan’s prosecutors said.

The bodies, uncovered on the other side of the White Nile to the headquarters, include at least 25 men killed and buried in an “inhumane” manner, the Investigation Committee for Missing People formed by the Attorney General found.

The committee believes the 25 were “killed and buried in a manner incompatible with human dignity”, state media reported.

After exhumation, the bodies will be DNA tested and autopsied to determine the cause and date of death, the committee said according to Sudan’s News Agency (SUNA).

Head of the committee investigating the deadly demonstration dispersal, Adib Nabil told The National that there is a chance the bodies are linked to the violent crackdown on anti-government sit-ins on June 3, 2019.

Mora than one year on, the death toll is still unclear and dozens of people remain unaccounted for.

Official government figures say 87 people were killed but an opposition union of doctors says the number is closer to 130.

“Scores of people were killed on that day, and there are reports that we are neither confirming nor denying, that bodies were hidden from being discovered,” Mr Nabil said.

Protests raged across the country to topple former President Omar Al Bashir and his regime between December 2018 and April 2019. But the June 3 sit-in marked one of the deadliest days of the demonstrations, which raged after his resignation.


Negotiations under the auspices of the African Union under Ethiopian mediation led to the formation of a power-sharing agreement between civilians and the military including members of Sudan’s ousted President Omar Al Bashir.

As part of the agreement, an investigation was launched into the deaths and human rights violations committed on the night of June 3, the last day of Ramadan 2019.

“The Missing Persons committee and ours are independent from each other but we are in touch with them. Once they have any confirmation that the mass graves are related to the sit-in, we will launch an investigation of our own,” Mr Nabil told The National.

The Human Rights Lawyer maintained that it was important to keep the current findings of his committee hidden to “prevent forging of documents, information and to prevent perpetrators from escaping punishment”.

Updated: November 12, 2020 05:39 PM



Friday, June 26, 2020

International Day in Support of Victims of Torture - 26 June, 2020

International Day in Support of Victims of Torture - 26 June, 2020

I heard the voice of my friend screaming in pain. I turned my head to see three security officers hitting him hard. One using an electric wire cable, the second using his bare hands, and the third was hitting him hard with the butt of the rifle.” – Awad Haroun, Survivor of Citibank ghost house

Over the past few years, GATS managed to document many Ghost Houses. Here are some infamous examples:

1.  Citibank ghost house in Khartoum
2.  Elde’ain Street ghost house in Nyala
3.  114 ghost house in Meddani
4.  Airport district ghost house in Atbara
5.  Security HQ ghost house in Geddarif
6.  Former EPLF hospital in Port Sudan (one of the worst Ghost Houses) 

  1. All government records (past and present) of torture be made Public Records (specifically those sealed cabinets stored at Citibank Ghost House)
  2.   Transition Citibank ghost house into the National Museum of Torture
  3.      Pass a Transitional Justice Act into law that is led by torture survivors nationwide
  4.   Remove all time limitations for survivors to File Court Claims in regards to torture

Once these demands have been met, the real work of healing/wellness begins. Survivors and their families not only need compensatory and punitive damages awarded but an entire reconfiguration of the mental and emotional health systems or lack thereof in the country. Physical therapy needs to also be accessible and funded by the government. Rehabilitation programs must be created and properly staffed to aide in the healing and care of our communities. Now is time to hold these human rights violators accountable and provide the adequate support to survivors and their families.

GATS want to thank the international human rights community for the continued support and pressure it has placed on the deposed regime to listen to its people. We respectfully petition that they and the rest of the world continue to advocate for survivors of torture in Sudan.