Saturday, December 02, 2006

Excerpts from the eye-witnesses and Judges..

"It was horrible situation after the jangawid attacked and left. Everything was destroyed, burned. Many children or elderly were wounded and laid down helpless on the street. Women and girls were raped. It is a picture I can not forget all my life."
Eye-witness: Jarelnabi Abbas Abusikkin

"I suffered the worst types of physical and mental pain during the 4-month detention at Citibank Ghost House. As a victim of torture I don't ask to impose the same kind of pain they had inflicted on me to them. I just want justice, I want them to recognize what they did and say sorry, sorry and then I will decide what to do next."
Eye-witness: Mohamed Elgadi

"the scenes of his crimes covered wide area of Sudan: from the villages of the Beja people in the East to the towns of Darfur in the West; from the homes of the Dinka and Nuer in the South to the habitat of the Nuba people in the center.....We, the judges of the International Citizens' Tribunal on Sudan find the defendant Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir guilty as charged"
Judge Wole Soyinka

"Today, we are a panel of six judges, mostly of African descent, men and women, Muslims and Christians; we find the defendant Omer Ahmed Hassan al-bashir Guilty...Guilty...Guilty"
Judge Gloria White-Hamond

"it was not the first time that this regime has used rape as weapon of war in Sudan as the eye-witnesses testified it'd used it again and again in Southern Sudan and Nuba Mountains.The fact that there is no Sudanese woman witness today in the court tells us a lot about the fear and harassement that followed them even in their refuge counytries....Trying al-Bashir was always my dream as a Sudanese woman and Sudanese lawyer....The insult and humilation al-Bashir regime brought to the legal system go beyond its Penal Code and Public order laws of 1990. The prosecutor presented to the court documents and testimonies showing that the Sudan Bar Association building had been confiscated and turned into another torture Ghost House.From all these testimonies and provided evidences I hereby announce al-Bashir guilty as charged."
Judge Eithar Abutaha

"From the evidences the prosecution team provided today; from the testimonies, from the stories we heard...I'm sure and quite convinced of my decision. I find the defendant guilty."
Judge Oban Metho

Watch part of the media coverage in this video clip by Reuters news agency:

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