Sunday, August 10, 2008

Waterboarding as Art ?!

from the New York Times
July 30, 2008

The artist, Steve Powers, opened “The Waterboarding Thrill Ride” on Saturday in the Coney Island arcade in Brooklyn. An animatronic diorama that depicts a prisoner being waterboarded, it is being presented by Creative Time, the public art organization, as part of an initiative called “Democracy in America: The National Campaign.” The piece, which occupies a former photo booth redesigned as a jail cell on West 12th Street in Coney Island, will be on view to the public throughout the summer. Viewers can see the scene through cell bars after paying $1 outside. “Humor has long been a strategy for speaking the unspeakable,” Anne Pasternak, the president and artistic director of Creative Time, said in a statement, “and it is vital that we as a nation begin a dialogue about the implications of waterboarding.” In mid-August Mr. Powers and several lawyers will be waterboarded by a trained professional in a secret location in Coney Island as a private performance. Documentation on the performance will be at

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