Saturday, March 17, 2012

Girifna: Chronicles of Torture

"I was taken to an interrogation room, two officers were sitting on chairs in front of a desk and I was made to sit on my knees facing the wall during the interrogation or stand up facing the wall and raising my arms. The first question I was asked was “Have you seen the film Yacoubian Building?”I said yes, they said remember what happened to the boy there?” when I said yes, they were basically implying that the same will happen to me, that I will get raped.".........
"During my detention, exactly after 16, days they came to my cell and took me to another cell where I was beaten really bad. They taunted me with my religious beliefs and called me an apostate and beat me on my back and feet for what seemed to be a whole hour.” Read the whole testimony on Girifna website above.