Monday, June 23, 2014

Ghost Houses & Boko Haram: A Conversation

The popular ACTV show "Conversation" hosted Mohamed Elgadi, a co-founder of GATS, and Martha Spiegelman, Amnesty International in Amherst to speak about the status of human rights and torture worldwide.

Why torture is wrong, why it doesn't work, why/how it brings wrong intelligence, what is the connection between Boko Haram in Nigeria and the torture establishment in Sudan? These were just a few of the the topics discussed in the 30-min show.

The program shed light on the hot case of Meriam Ibrahim, a Christian mother whom accused of apostasy in Sudan and sentenced to death (thanks to the international pressure on the regime that forced her release today).

The concealed connection between the Islamists of Sudan and Nigeria was exposed at the ACTV show when Mohamed Elgadi spoke on the training of number of Boko Haram leaders in Sudan @ the African Islamic University in Khartoum.

The show can be watched here in this link 

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