Friday, July 15, 2011

Voices from the Dungeon: A Poem from a Torture Survivor..

Tsoaledi Daniel Thobejane, a torture survivor of the Apartheid regime of South Africa wrote this beautiful and powerful poem few years ago and shared it @ a UMASS event where he studied at the School of Education.

Tsoaledi teaches @ the University of Venda in South Africa

Voices from the Dungeon

dedicated to those who were killed and imprisoned in the struggle for freedom

Hush now my comrade,

Please be still!

The murderers are gone now.

No one will ever come again for the night has become our refuge

Yes, I can see the blood

coming from your eyes and ears

I can see the tears falling back of your cheeks

I heard all your screams from the beatings

But be still now,

for the gates of prison have been opened

The chains that held us in perpetual servitude have been broken!

Broken by your resilience and steadfastness in the struggle for freedom.

Be still now, for I can see the day of freedom down on all mankinds!

Phambili ne nkululeko phambili!

Forward with liberation!

Pele ka tokologo pele!

matemba a ka hina!!!

Aluta Continua!!!!

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