Wednesday, August 15, 2007

America Must Not Be a Torturing Nation

Dear mohamed,
America must not be a torturing nation.
Yet only weeks ago, President Bush issued an executive order on CIA interrogation that leaves the door open to torture and abuse, continues to damage America's reputation as a defender of human rights, and increases the risk that captured American service members will be subjected to abuse, now and in future wars.
What will the next Commander-in-Chief do? Will he or she commit to putting an end to torture and cruel treatment?
Ask the candidates to go on record against torture at the debate this Sunday by sending an email.
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Don't delay! You need to submit your debate questions by tomorrow!
ABC News is sponsoring a debate of the Democratic presidential candidates in Iowa, and the network would like to know what questions you want the candidates to answer. You can also cast a vote in support of the questions you'd like to hear the candidates answer.

Why is it so important to ask the candidates to take a stand against torture this Sunday?
The International Committee of the Red Cross has reportedly described the CIA's detention and interrogation procedures as torture, and said that American officials responsible for the abusive treatment could have committed serious crimes including "grave breaches" of the Geneva Conventions and possible violations of the U.S. Torture Act.
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Major General Fred Haynes, USMC (Ret.), a veteran of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam who fought at Iwo Jima, submitted a debate question. He asked whether the candidates will commit to closing Guantanamo and the secret CIA prisons.
What do YOU want to know about their positions on ending torture and cruel treatment?

Sharon Kelly
Campaign Manager
Elect to End Torture '08

P.S. Thanks for your continued commitment to ending torture in America's name. Invite others to get involved - forward this email!

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