Saturday, January 02, 2016

Welcome to Ghost Houses of Sudan on Facebook

In April 2015, Sudanese torture survivors created this important Facebook page, Ghost House of Sudan, to add one more source of documentation on the crimes of the Islamists of Sudan.

The page documented so far six Ghost Houses, i.e. Torture Centers as follows:

Specialized torture techniques carried out in this horrific place including electric shock and the use of hallucinating agents.

Was in full operation 1989-1995 and currently used for some shady business related to the NISS. It's estimated that over 5000 persons were tortured in this place. The one family house used to hold over 170 detainees at one time in April 1992. Many people were killed under torture in this place including Dr. Ali Fadul. 

This torture detention center is located in the heart of Khartoum close to the Presidential Palace (behind this building in this photo) on the intersection of Baladiya Ave and Makk Nimir St.

Amara, literally means a multi-story building. According to visual artist Abdelwahab Babiker who was detained and torture in this place, it's the roof of a building behind the HQ of the NISS and within the army barracks in Khartoum. Mr. Babiker documented that place in this powerful painting that is widely circulated in media

This torture center used to be a house designated for housing students of Cairo University in Khartoum. It;s located to the north side of Faroug cemetery.

Located in the eastern part of Khartoum in the Mogran neighborhood (close to the Agric Bank).